MYSTIC MONK COFFEE – CASE ANALYSIS This assignment has creative aspects. There is no “right”…


This assignment has creative aspects. There is no “right” answer. The case provides a snapshot of the company, its industry, and a situation of success and/or challenge. It will be necessary to identify potential solutions to the primary issue.

Grading Criteria/Rubric

Maximum Points

Primary Issue: Clearly define the primary issue in the case (pick 1 and only 1 primary issue)


Case Overview: Succinctly analyze the case data. Identify key points and embed relevant financial analysis (profitability ratios desirable)


Solution Alternatives: Develop three potential alternatives (feasible, address primary issue) (creativity)


Decision Criteria: Construct decision/selection criteria (meaningful and case-relevant critical factors and their relative weights)


Decision Analysis: Introduce, demonstrate, and explain the decision-making process used to apply the decision/selection criteria to evaluate each of the alternatives. Explain the selection of the optimal solution. Perform sensitivity analysis on decision criteria if the results are relatively close.


Implementation Plan: Develops action/implementation plan (major activities – what, milestones – when, responsible parties – who). Include “quick wins”.


Business Writing & APA: Flawless spelling, punctuation, and English grammar. Include introduction, conclusion/recommendation sections.




Each student will be assigned a case study. The written case analysis is due midnight before the last class. Students must use the above rubric as a guide in preparing their case. A sample case study (not an “A” paper) has been posted on Blackboard for reference purposes only.

Criteria for written case analysis paper:

1. Written case study: double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font.

2. Maximum 6 written pages of content (not including tables or figures)

3. APA cover page is required.

4. References go on separate page(s)

5. Use embedded tables and figures to include relevant financial and key decision-making analysis relevant to the case analysis. Analysis of the financial data presented in the case is expected. Insertion of tables and figures in the body of the text is preferred. Large amounts of supporting data (not summary tables or figures which should be inserted in the body of the text) can be placed in an Appendix that follows the References section.

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