I am looking for an estimate and the company that needs to be used is ZERO TREE I can also…

I am looking for an estimate and the company that needs to be used is ZERO TREEI can also provide the paper that was done on ZERO TREE if you need to help assist
Strategic Plan, Part 2: Internal Environmental AnalysisDue Jun 11, 11:59 PMNot SubmittedPOINTS 5 Project no new messagesObjectives: more ┬╗Expand viewInstructionsAssignment FilesGrading

Writea 1,400-word minimum internal environmental analysis in which you include the following:Assess the organization's internal environment.Identify the most important strengths and weaknesses of your organization including an assessment of the organization's resources.Identify the most important internal environmental factors in the general, industry, and external analysis in relation to the internal analysis.Perform competitor analysis.Assess the structure of the organization and the influence this has on its performance.Determine the organization's competitive position and the possibilities this provides.

Formatyour paper according to APA guidelines.

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