“How Can We Encourage a Few Disrupters? ” Adrianna is the CEO of Luxury Designs, an office 1 answer below »

“How Can We Encourage a Few Disrupters? ” Adrianna is the CEO of Luxury Designs, an office furniture company that has been in business for forty years. The company both manufactures its own furniture and assembles furniture from a few manufacturers overseas. Although Luxury Designsis profitable, revenue has declined slowly for five years. In today s meeting with her top management team, Adrianna is going to discuss the need for innovation. ” We are meeting today on a topic we have talked about in the past. I also sent you an e-mail on this topic just two days ago to give you an opportunity to think about today s meeting. My concern is that we are not doing anything radical enough to deal with today s market for office furniture. A big hurdle we face is that the market for fashionable office furniture is shrinking as more and more private offices and even cubicles are being eliminated. Almost any old work table and chairs will do in an open-space office. ” Seth, the director of new product development, signaled that he wanted to comment. ” We are right with you, Adrianna. We are in the design phase of some interesting concepts in open-office design. We are thinking of some really cool tables, chairs, and whiteboards that will excite our consumers. ” Adrianna replied, ” Seth, I am confident that you and your group will tweak our product line to have something new to offer. But the challenge I have for us as company leadership is to find a way to be disrupters. Our long-term pro

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