Define and explain the principles of sustainability in a global business environment and… 1 answer below »

Corporate Sustainability subject.3000 words Assignment. please choose a known ORGANISATION.
INSTRUCTIONS: For an organisation of your choice, develop a strategic proposal for how the organisation could modify its strategic direction to gain significant competitive advantage from adopting a triple or quadruple bottom line strategy. Draw a direct comparison with the current strategic direction to demonstrate the shift in direction necessary and the competitive advantage to be gained from this shift.
OUTCOMES: Define and explain the principles of sustainability in a global business environment and discuss issues of future sustainability in the corporate environment.Identify and compare market and regulatory issues relevant to sustainability at the global and local level including voluntary reporting such as the triple bottom line.
Analyse an organisation’s current position and design a sustainability strategy based on a business case for the identification and implementation of sustainability imperatives that an organisation should undertake for competitive advantage.Critically evaluate the increased requirements for mandatory reporting,and the benefits of voluntary reporting, as well as the guidelines available and the risks associated with external reporting.
Please include at least 7 ACADEMIC references,in-text citation, use APA reference style and include an executive summary.

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