Case Study: Challenge and ResponseThis paper is designed for you to use your critical thinking skill

Case Study: Challenge and ResponseThis paper is designed for you to use your critical thinking skills evaluating a potential future international relations environment, discuss/describe how national interests can be threatened or challenged, and determine how states can utilize instruments of national power to respond to these threats and challenges in this plausible future scenario. Utilize an “Alternative World†scenario in, “Future Worlds,†and analyze/evaluate this scenario in your paper.As a reminder, the future scenarios from Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds are:a.Stalled Engines: A scenario in which the U.S. and Europe turn inward and globalization stalls.b.Fusion: A world in which the U.S. and China cooperate, leading to worldwide cooperation on global challenges.c.Gini-Out-of-the-Bottle: A world in which economic inequalities dominate.d.Nonstate World: A scenario in which nonstate actors take the lead in solving global challenges.The United States’ government traditionally uses the National Security Strategy (NSS) ( to elucidate the core national security interests and objectives of our nation. Identify and briefly discuss two or three critical national interests illuminated in the 2010 NSS that would be threatened or challenged in the “alternative world†you selected. Next, briefly explain what tools (i.e., political, social/cultural, geographic/economic) and military elements of power, international organizations, NGO’s, or others, you would use to respond to these potential future threats or challenges. Finally, prioritize the threats and challenges and recommend which threat or challenge should be addressed first, second, and, if needed, third and the rationale behind your recommended priorities.Your paper should be organized into four sections:a. Introduction.b. Threats of challenges to US interests (2-3).c. US responses to identified threats or challenges.d. Recommended priorities.The paper must be three to four pages in length and formatted according to APA style. You must include at least three scholarly sources, which may include your course text and the Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds report.

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