Assignment Go to the selected hospitals web site and research the information needed. These will inc


Go to the selected hospitals web site
and research the information needed. These will include the Mission Statement,
Strategic Plan, and Annual Report. Demographics will be in the Home Page,
Locations, etc. Other valuable information is to be found in Community Outreach
areas, Certification and Accreditations, and Corporate Compliance areas. You
should use outside materials (news articles, videos, etc) to supplement
information from the hospital web site.

I CHOOSE —- Mayo
• Multi Sites
• Annual Report
• History
• Patient info
• School of health sciences
• Teaching hospital

Your work must include the following:

Section 1
Proposal and introduction of project
· Select hospital from the list
· Write introduction
· State selected organization
· Rationale behind the selection of the organization
· Set the scene and tone of the paper

Section 2 Submitted in Unit
Analysis of the organization
Describe the organization’s:
· Facility physical settings
· Patient or client base
· Level of clinical activity
· Organization structure
Describe the mission, vision, and goals
of the organization and how the organization supports these items.
Report the consumer and patient rights
the organization follows.
Human resource and employee issues
· Community and Global impact
· Prepare a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and
Threats) of the external and internal forces faced by this organization. This
will have information added throughout the project

Section 3 Submitted in Unit 7
Financial management, quality and marketing aspects of the
· Analysis of the service reimbursement for the
organization (State, Federal, Insurance and Private Pay)
· Methods of funding
· Research issuesQuality and Ethics
· Accreditation
· Awards
· Regulation
· Ethical issues regarding who receives care at the organizationMarketing
· Strategies
· Branding
· Community and employee involvement

Section 4 Submitted in Unit 8
Impact of economic and outside influences to the organization
· National and world economy impact
· Explanation of the sustainability of this organizational care
· Healthcare reform
· Regulations

Section 5 Submitted in Unit 9
Conclusion for your paper and combine all the sections into a
project paper
· Recap the info regarding organization
· Glimpse into the future for the organization based on your
· Combine all parts into a APA formatted product

You will need to cite minimum of twelve
references in the complete report. There should be 3 to 4 references per
Prepare this project according to APA
Sections I and V should be 500 words. Sections II, III, and IV
should be 1200 – 1600 words in length. The final report should be 4,600 – 6,000 words in length.

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