Assignment description: Your Individual Assignment should give a comprehensive and critical…

Assignment description: Your Individual Assignment should give a comprehensive and critical account of the Business Model Canvas (BMC) task/s you are assigned to work on within your team's business challenge. These task/s will be determined by you in consultation with your team and tutor. For your Individual Assignment, you are expected to undertake thorough research of the relevant secondary sources, including but not limited to industry reports, relevant databases, and media accounts. You will be assessed on your ability to build a clear and convincing case supported by factual evidence.
Your Individual Assignment should be structured as follows: 1) Title 2) Executive summary – succinct summary of the challenge and findings (max 150 words) 3) Introduction and background to business challenge and the individual BMC task/s, including purpose, why it matters and scope 4) Design and methodology – key sources (e.g. market reports, company websites, etc.) used to collect relevant information and their limitations 5) Data analysis and findings – describes the analysis conducted and the results/findings of the analysis; clearly states any assumptions made; can include graphics to help illustrate 6) Discussion and recommendations — explains what the findings mean and conclusions about them; any preliminary recommendations should be derived from the analysis and must be practical, actionable and specific 7) Reference list — to be formatted using the American Psychological Association (APA) 6th edition referencing style 8) Appendices (if appropriate) – may include charts, tables, supporting information

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