Use UMUC’s Library (mainly) for research in this assignment. Look for worldwide data, and not… 1 answer below »

A. General instructions……………………..*********************MUST FOLLOW BELOW INSTRUCTIONS TO ANSWER THE QUESTION*********************

1. Use UMUC’s Library (mainly) for research in this assignment. Look for worldwide data, and not North America data; remember; this is a global strategy course!!

2. Only use scholarly and reliable non-scholarly sources such as Bloomberg, Reuters, Money, Forbes, and Fortune (no, QuickMBA, eHow, Wikipedia…….).

3. Assignment should be supported by at least five scholarly (peer-reviewed articles), and at least three reliable non-scholarly sources; in addition to the weekly readings and multimedia content listed in the classroom.

4. Assignment should be written in a paper format; not a question and answer format.

6. All questions are to be attempted. Relate your answers to the required reading. Do not restate the information from the case study; go beyond the included information; analyze!

7. Paper should be 12-15 pages long, with one inch margins, 12 point font, double-spacing, and should be posted as a PDF document. The cover page, reference list, and appendix are not part of the page count. All graphics should be placed in the appendix.

8. Use APA format for in-text citations and the reference list.

B. Question:

1. Using UMUC’s Library databases; research the two main industries that PepsiCo operates in. What are the changes and trends in these industries?

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