Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) for Operations Management…

Instructions Attempt the following comprehensive questions from all chapters. Follow the instructions carefully for each question. Part I: Multiple Choice Questions (1 pt each) Choose the Best answer from the following Questions Q1. One advantage of Just-In-Time (JIT) management of stocks is a. it reduces the need to plan and organize b. it removes the need for delivery Quality Control c. it reduces the costs of holding stock within the factory d. it works very well with competitive tendering Q2. 'Kaizen' is a. a word meaning 'continuous improvement' b. a method of stock control c. a modern way of operating a production line d. another word for Quality Circles Q3. A firm is productively efficient when a. it is producing its product or service at the lowest unit cost that it can b. it is selling at the lowest price possible c. it has the highest labor productivity that it can d. it is making what its customers wan

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