Supply chainC O C A C O L A C O M PA N YUNIVERSITY OF PHOENIXISCOM/370 Supply chain coke companyThe

Supply chainC O C A C O L A C O M PA N YUNIVERSITY OF PHOENIXISCOM/370 Supply chain coke companyThe coke supply chain is design to technically meet the global consumers demand.It has millions of retails outlets that reachevery individual around every part of theworld. This is the main reason as to why itoperates with the local bottles serving locallywithout shipping in far miles. Coke supply chainCoke has got many supply chain. Coke uses segmentations in supplying to its supplychain structure for the fulfillment is to meetthe regional needs.A portion of coke consumers are delivereddirect by coca cola while other chains rely onthe distribution channels which are veryreliable. Weaknesses and strengths of coke supply chainStrengthsThrough the distribution network coca cola reaches millions of people n more than 200countries.Despite the fact that the number ofconsumers is big but it has managed tocontrol its distributors in order to satisfy itsconsumers. weaknessesWater managementThere is shortage of water globally. Water is a raw material for the company to manufactureits products,Therefore, through the shortage of water thecompany suffers a lot hence incurring a lot ofconstraints and cost that affects its profit aswell as operating revenues. StrategyA competitive strategy is one that can have an edge over those attempting to do the sameessential business.With a competitive strategy, market researchcan show how much a customer is willing topay for a product, the competitor pricing, andthe value at which your company is set. Strengths of StrategyMarket research can provide the details needed to keep cost of product low, but pushprofit.Demand of the customer will show wherethey prefer to buy from.It is possible to beat the competition whenyou know a fair price, based off competitorpricing, and customer feedback. Weakness of StrategyThe belief is that the competitors will be in the same strategy field as us.When products are the same, preference isan edge that most customers lean towards.Changing price to stay ahead, can hurt in thelong run.Lower prices do no guarantee more sales. Quality ControlEnsuring that quality is pushed over quantity, means we care about the overall outcome ofour product.FDA regulations must be taken into accountfor all practices.Standard operating procedures will be inplace to provide how the product will bemade, and finished.Proper documentation will be enforced,therefore, ensuring the best resources whenthe potential for an audit is to happen. Quality Control Cont.Employee’s are expected to follow all regulations as laid out in workman’sagreement.Management and designee are responsiblefor ensuring (to the best of their ability) thatall procedures are to be followed.Quality Control is expected to be the finalinspection prior to release of product. ProcessWe start out process with the forming of the can, which is then covered in art work,designed specifically to the product being ranon the manufacturing line.The line then carries each container to thenest station for filling of the product. Again,this depends on the manufacturing code thatis being ran.The filled product, then moves to full sealing,so the product does not leak. Process Cont.Once the product is sealed, it then moves to the station in which it get packaged.The packaging is determined based on needand what product code is being ran. (Bottle,Can, 6 pack, 12 pack, 24 pack, or individual.)The product is then moved to shipping.From shipping, the product is moved to theorder site for distribution and sale. Recommended ChangesRisk Management strategizing:Lowering prices due to inventory and demand.Define locations: Delivery and transport fromfacility to distributors. (are we where weneed to be?)Increasing of inventory, higher storage. Canthe product be sold in time. (expiration dates,or in stock demand) ReferencesCosta Bir, Lisa. “Hidden Sugarâ€. Body+Soul. NewsLifeMedia Pty Ltd. Retrieved 2013-0404Feldberg, Michael “Beyond Seltzer Water:The Kashering of Coca-Colaâ€ The JewishFederations of North America, Inc.Walker, Rob(2009-10-08). “ Cult Classicâ€ The New York Times Company.Use bullet points and speaker’s notes to discuss the following:Define your selected company’s supply chain design.Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the design.Describe your selected company’s supply chain strategy.Describe the strengths and weaknesses of their strategy.Describe how quality control and processes could improve your selected company’s supply chain.Make overall recommendations to improve the supply chain at your selected company using course concepts from this week’s required reading.Format your PowerPoint® presentation according to APA guidelines.Cite your references to support your paper.

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