Please write an outline of arguments for your client, the Applicant. Refer to the attached Applicant

Please write an outline of arguments for your client, the Applicant. Refer to the attached Applicant Documents and Respondent Documents and use the attached document Written Assessment Cover Sheet as a template. You have been provided with a case file providing both an Initiating Application and Response Application with respect to a family law matter. You are the solicitor for the Applicant. (Note that there is no win or lose scenario, and that your assessment will be graded on the basis of your oral arguments, not the facts of the case itself.) During the semester, leading up to the assessment, the lectures and tutorials will provide a basis for you to work through your case file. Each module is a different topic to discuss. The purpose of this exercise is to provide you with not only experience in researching the necessary legal principles, but also to provide hands on experience in dealing with both the client and the opposing counsel. When writing your submissions, please note that you do NOT have to re-write your client’s order sought (please do not do this), as these have been provided in your client’s material. You cannot provide submissions for your client without having read all the material – not just that of your client. You must review all material in order to form an argument based on: Research, Textbook and Selected Readings. There are marks given for research. Readings prescribed from the text and in the Selected Readings are not research because we have already given you these references, however, you may make reference to them. You may even get marks for these references for your Response to Questions criterion. However, references from the text and Selected Readings will not gain marks for the Preparation/Familiarity criterion. As a result, the marks will be allocated on the basis of material you refer to other than the text or Selected Readings. Please refer to the attached file: Effective Legal Writing Outlines of Argument for help on how to set out this task. Please conduct independent research from reputable sources – case law and secondary material.

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