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Individual Assignment Unit: MGT306 – Strategic Management

Submission Date: 5.00 pm, Friday, Week 6

Total Marks: The assignment is worth 20% of the total unit marks.


1. Students are required to cover all stated requirements.

2. Your answer must be submitted via Turnitin.

3. You need to support your answers with appropriate Harvard or APA style references.

4. The Business plan should not be more than 2,000 words, excluding table of contents, references and cover sheet.

5. Only include information in your appendixes that has been directly referred to in the body of your document. Assignment Task

Assume, you are planning to start up a business of your choice. Please prepare a 5 year business plan with following headings

Executive Summary

Business Environment

Vision, Mission and goals

Products and services

Business, organisation and finance structures

Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat (SWOT) analysis

Premises, plant and equipment

Information systems and telecommunications

Intellectual property, licences and memberships Insurances

Goals, milestones, strategies

Goals and milestones



Customer management and retention


Suitable business strategy

Business competition

The industry

Target market

Market competition

Influence of Five forces

Financial forecasts

Set-up costs

Profit and loss forecast

Cash flow forecast

Balance sheet forecast

Break-even analysis

You should aim to include a minimum of 6 references (more is better), of which some should be peer-reviewed academic journals. However, this is a short assignment, with a real-world focus, so extensive referencing is not required.

The following guidelines are to assist you with presentation and layout:

• Cover page should include name, student number, unit number, unit name, assessment number, assessment name, and date

• Use Arial, Calibri, or Tahoma, 12 pt font

• Double spacing

• Double justification of text

• Headers and footers on all pages other than the cover page – headers and footers should contain your name and student number, the unit number and name, and a page number

If you have any questions about the assignment, ask your lecturer, or email Ian Dunbar, March 2017

MGT306 Individual Assignment Rubric

Individual Assignment – Strategic Management

Due Week 6

Value: 20 percent of final marks

Fail (0-49)

Pass (50-64)

Credit (65-74)

Distinction (75-84)

High Distinction (85-100)





use of

Student presents

Lack of focus

with and context.



information in


presents no purpose or



is presented in a logical,

logical logical,

structure information in


context. structure.

Good sequence

that clearly which

audience can

interesting and


Structure Inappropriately use of headings addresses the follow

with some structure which audience

structured. 0-and subquestions asked. additional interest can follow. 21.25-25marks

12.25 marksheadings. 12.5-

16.25-18.5 marks18.75-21 marks16 marks

/25 Limited grasp of

Clear and Inaccurate use of Strategic

Accurate but limited competent use of

SubjectStrategic Management Especially skilful

use of Strategic Strategic

Knowledge andManagement concepts. identification and analysis of

Management concepts. Management use ofconcepts. Lack of Assertions exist Strategic Management

Developed and concepts.

Strategicassertions, but are not concepts. Fully developed supported Developed and

Management development supported or and supported assertions.assumptions. supportedconceptsand/or support. developed 21.25-25marks

16.25-18.5 marksassumptions. 0-12.25 marksadequately.

18.75-21 marks12.5-16 marks

/25 Most of the work is

Some of the task All of the work is

related to the Topic but

Focus onis related to the related to the Topic The entire work is related to No attempt to link occasionally wanders

Assigned TopicTopic but a and the reader the Topic and challengesassessment task to off into other unrelated

(answered thereader does not learns something the reader with new the Topic. areas.

The reader can questionlearn much about more about the insights.

/25 0-12.25 marksstill learn somethingasked)the Topic. Topic. 21.25-25marksabout the Topic.

12.5-16 marks18.75-21 marks

16.25-18.5 marks

Some research

Evidence of wide

No evidence of and additional Evidence of research Evidence ofreading/research andadditional research references and reading with some research and

inclusion of quality or reading. although poor quality references reading with


Research andreferences (including

Students work has quality or not mostly related to the quality references allReferencingacademic references)spelling and related to the Topic. Some spelling related to the Topic.

and Mechanicsrelated to the Topic. Nogrammatical Topic. Spelling and grammatical Some errors with

and Languagespelling or grammaticalerrors. Poor and grammatical errors. Some errors spelling/grammar or errors. Referencing is referencing. errors. Limited with referencing. referencing.appropriate. 0-12.25 marks referencing. 16.25-18.5 marks 18.75-21 marks

21.25-25marks 12.5-16 marks /25

Total Points:



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