Explain what their options are for pricing their services, show numbers that correspond to your…

Explain what their options are for pricing their services, show numbers that correspond to your recommendations. • As we currently have no information on it, what possibilities does Movement Unlimited have for allocating their overhead for their services, provide explanations. • Which costs would you include in overhead as opposed to classifying as a period cost? Determine how much it costs them to provide their services (linked to next request – making a excel document that allows for changes in costs and amounts). This should offer them information and insight as to how to either control their costs for all of their services or determine a different way to price their services, should this be necessary. Do they need to change the cost of their services? Lastly, using excel provide them with a tool to adjust the calculation of service costs/prices (if market prices changes, if subcontractors change etc). make a simple income statement based on your proposed sales price and the costs directly associated with providing these services. Attachment 1 Attachment 2

Subcontracted Services – VIV0. 002 , 550.00- 100. 00Total Subcontracted Services15, 316.0067, 399. 08- 77 .28Telephone*2 , 396.472, 985. 24- 19.72Travel & Entertainment1 , 806. 7691 1.5598. 21Training Courses & Conferences17, 639. 5810. 785.5763.55Hosted Courses ( Workshops! )1 , 037 . 00147.00 6:05. 44Supplies8, 488.465 , 1 13.1666.01Credit Card Commissions4 , 687 . 455 , 507. 93- 14.90Total General & Admin . Expenses138, 487. 51201, 260. 24- 31. 19TOTAL EXPENSE280, 641. 04279, 560.740. 35NET INCOME15, 9.34. 721 , 795.59$ 787.44Generated On: 03 / 1 1/2019

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