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-Organizational Structure & Design ??In ?Activity 1: Structure and strategy?URL:BCG’s Yves Morieux view on Organisation Desig.

1. Yves Morieux claims that structure follows strategy. Is this always the case?

?? Zappos just abolished bosses. Inside tech's latest management craze.

1. What’s your understanding of holacracy? How would you describe it compared to bureaucracy and team-based stru

2. Discuss how Contingency Factors of Organisational Design are at work in the case of Zappos?

3. In what ways do you think innovative culture is related to (agile) organisational structure?

Note.Essay format 700 words harvard referencing

2 Decision Making ??;

The Milgram Experiment?

URL:?Milgram Experiment?

Milgram Experiment replicated in Australia (Psychology study by La Trobe University in the 1970s?

Questions to consider:?To what extent would you be capable of inflicting real pain (physical, mental and/or emotional) on another human being???Activity 2: Solomon Asch and Group Conformity?URL? ????

?Does your own personal decision-making always reflect an objective process??Does the desire to be accepted as a part of a group leave one susceptible to conforming to the group’s norms??Identify and discuss situational factors that can enable a group to exert pressure strong enough to change a member’s attitude and behaviour.?????

Note.Essay format 700 words harvard referencing

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