What is Selling Pattern In Usa? In the business strategy, the term B2C…. 1 answer below »

What is Selling Pattern In Usa?

In the business strategy, the term B2C is customer oriented process. In B2C process, when the company segmenting and targeting the market, they considering all the factor affecting in future such as demographics, operating considerations, purchasing style, situational considerations and personal characteristics of the company (Bidgoli, 2004). In B2C process, individual who influenced by other factors such as family members or friends, but finally the sale is to a single person who paid for the product. An individual consumer create the market demand, he causes for rising to hundreds of business market demands. For example, The demand for cars it creates demands for steel, tires, forgings, castings, and plastic components, it turn to create demands for mining, rubber, forging machines, casting sand and polymers (Stair & Reynolds, 2011). It is clear that the increase the demand of the product related to each sector of product in to the market.

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