This assessment aims to test your understanding of research concepts and evidence based practice…

Assessment Item 2: Understanding research concepts 2017 Weight: 35% of overall mark
Submission: 11:59 pm Sunday 23rd April 2017, through Turnitin. No paper submission is required.
This assessment aims to test your understanding of research concepts and evidence based practice approach. Using your knowledge gained from lectures, tutorial activities, online activities, assessments and readings, answer to the following questions and submit this as a word document through Turnitin. Where applicable, word requirements have been noted.
You will need to find the information and work out the issues without asking for help from your tutors.
You will only be tested on content discussed in lectures, tutorials, online activities, and readings.
You can contact your subject coordinator if you have unforeseen and exceptional issues, however, assumed knowledge will not be clarified.
PART ONE: General content questions
One of the underlying concepts explored through this subject was conveying broad clinical scenarios and questions to searchable questions and using refined search terms to extract data.
1. Why is it important to use short and specific search terms in database search instead of long descriptive sentences? (Max 50 words, 1 mark)
2. Describe the relationship between the two frameworks that underpin this subject: Tanner’s Model of Clinical Judgement and Evidence Based Practice? (Max 150 words, 3 marks)
3. Describe the purpose of a systematic review compared to a single randomised controlled trial? (Max 50 words, 2 marks)
PART TWO: Research methodology and results
CASE STUDY 1: Read the article carried out by McKinstry et al., 2013. A copy of this article is in Assessment 2 folder.
4. What is the advantage of using randomised control trail study design in this particular study? (1 mark)
5. What were the primary and secondary outcome/outcomes in this study? (1 marks)
6. How did the authors assess blood pressures in this study? (1 marks)
7. Has the study used an adequate sample size? Justify your answer (2 marks)
8. The authors claim that the mean difference in daytime systolic ambulatory blood pressure fell between telemonitoring group and usual care group at 6 months was 4.3 mm Hg (95% confidence interval 2.0 to 6.5). What does this tell you? (3 marks)
9. The researchers compared the mean differences in daytime systolic ambulatory blood pressure between telemonitoring group and usual care group at 6 months and reported p=0.0002. What does this tell you? (2 marks)
10. What did the authors find about the effect of telemonitoring on the mean daytime diastolic ambulatory blood pressure? (Back up your answer with the reported statistics)? (3 marks)
11. Would you consider using telemonorting for management of uncontrolled hypertension for your patients? (Justify your answer taking into consideration the results of statistics, clinical significance, and cost analysis) (3 marks)
Bandage A and Bandage B are alternative compression bandages for treating venous leg ulcers. In an RCT comparing the two bandages, 65% of patients had healed ulcers after 12 weeks of treatment with Bandage A (control group) compared to 85% of patients treated either Bandage B (intervention group).
12. Calculate Relative Risk of Healing (RR), Absolute Risk Difference (ARD), and Numbers Needed to Treat (NNT). (3 marks)
13. How would you interpret your findings for RR, ARD, and NNT above? (3 marks)
14. Is it worth using bandage B over Bandage A? (Think about factors that you should consider when making decision about implementing a new technique) (2 mark)
PART THREE: Implementation of EBP
Thinking broadly about the way you engage with evidence in your clinical practice, please answer the following questions:
15. What are some of the barriers to implementing new research findings into clinical practice? (2 marks for 4 identified barriers)
16. Reflecting on your learning experience in this subject, how the subject help prepare you your role as a junior clinician? (Max 150 words, 3 marks). You must submit your answer to question 16 through ePortfolio. The link to ePortfolio can be found in assessment two folder. Your answer to this question will not be marked if you do not submit it through ePortfolio.

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