The question of this task is: Airline passenger seat pitch and seat width has developed into a… 1 answer below »

The question of this task is:
Airline passenger seat pitch and seat width has developed into a critical issue facing air transport managers today. Recent research conducted into long haul economy passengers has revealed that seat comfort is now one of the most important criteria for passengers when booking a long distance flight in economy.
You are the Manager, Business Development within the Commercial Group of a Low Cost Airline that has been operating successfully in Asia for the past two years.
Using the knowledge you have gained in this course, discuss three (3) key management issues that need to be considered to ensure your airline delivers a sustainable and competitive product into the future. Offer three (3) recommendations to address the issues discussed.
Present your response to the assignment question in a (Report format).
So far we have covered management theory such as organisational strategy, external environments, competitive advantage, change management, innovation, re-design of inter and intra organisational processes, management applications of 'unbundling', managing in 'stagnant or declining' industries, vertical integration, global management and managing information. Many of these topics, when you explore them, are applicable to the seat pitch issue.
What we are trying to do in this course is make you aware of the contemporary aviation concepts in our industry, but also appreciate the management theory and issues behind each concept. As a professional in the aviation industry, it's important to realise that we work in a special industry, but we manage in a similar way to many other industries. In fact, there is much the aviation industry learns from other industries.
I have attached two chapters from the book which is the main source for this course. Please try to access to the other chapters as I am limited by CopyWrite of how much I can provide. The name of the book is:
O'Connell, F. & Williams, G. (2011) Air Transport in the 21st Century: Key Strategic Developments, Ashgate.
I have also attached a very important word file, and it has to be carefully followed. It talks about the length of the report, style, abstract and recommendations (which are not included in the word count). The file has also an exemplar, i . e a whole report giving to us as example to show how the report is done, the depth of knowledge, the topic related, the amount of research, and the number of sources. PLEASE read this exemplar but do not copy anything from. It is only there to give us a general idea of how everything should be.

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