Search the web for a company with sufficient information to map out the company’s strategy o… 1 answer below »

Each of the assignment need to between 300 words. 1) Search the web for a company with sufficient information to map out the company’s strategy over a significant period of time. What are the major components of this strategy? What are the company’s major competitive advantages (What do they do better than their rivals?) An example could be found in company history.
2) Evaluate and determine in which industries Apple Inc. competes (At least two) then prepare Industries Analysis including the Five-Force Model. Describe each of the five competitive forces and mark them as either “Low”, “Medium” or “High”. Please explain your reasoning.
3) In recent years Google has expanded from internet search across a broad range of internet services, including email, photo management, satellite maps, digital book libraries, blogger services, telephony and more. Write a paper in which you discuss and explain to what extent has Google’s strategy been built upon a unique set of resources and capabilities? What are Google’s principal resourcesand capabilities? How should Google work on sustaining their competitive capabilities and advantage?
4) Best Buy is the largest consumer electronic retailer in the US with 2013 sales of $49.14 Billion. The company competes aggressively on price with such rivals as Costco Wholesale, Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart and Target, but it is also known by consumers for its first-rate customer service. Best Buy customers have commented that

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