Question 1 (1 point) Question 1 UnsavedWhat are the essential and effective components of customer e

Question 1 (1 point) Question 1 UnsavedWhat are the essential and effective components of customer empowerment?Question 1 options: Enabling customers to participate in the design of current and future products and provide feedback A customer relationship management program that ensures needs of MVC’s are being met better than other customers Encouraging customers to complain about products to online customer communities and the company Referring customers to competitors in order to price compareQuestion 2 (1 point) Question 2 UnsavedWhat is the purpose of influencer marketing?Question 2 options: Using influencial celebrities for disinformation campaigns against competitors Targeting people known to influence others who may be potential customers Key corporate officers infuencing the daily management of frontline employees Posting signs in a store to influence purchase decisions at the point of saleQuestion 3 (1 point) Question 3 UnsavedWhen does a consumer become a customer?Question 3 options: When the consumer wishes he could buy the product When the consumer acknowledges a need for a product or service that he wants to fill While a person stands in line to buy a product When a consumer buys a product or service for the first timeQuestion 4 (1 point) Question 4 UnsavedWhat might be a most favorable outcome of viral marketing?Question 4 options: Public health numbers of contagious diseases declines as a result of public health awareness campaigns. Computer antivirus programs are upgraded. A company’s message is spread widely through a community by word of mouth. Customers post negative assessments on product review websites.Question 5 (1 point) Question 5 UnsavedWhich of the following is NOT a type of online social media?Question 5 options: A downloadable corporate brochure Blogs that enable content contributors Social networking sites WikisQuestion 6 (1 point) Question 6 UnsavedWhich type of customer loyalty would marketers prefer?Question 6 options: Attitudinal loyalty Complete loyalty Marketers don’t care if a customer is loyal Behavioral loyaltyQuestion 7 (1 point) Question 7 UnsavedWhat is one strategy for generating attitudinal loyalty?Question 7 options: By developing a memorable logo that conveys the attitude of the product or service By engaging in cause-related marketing activities important to the customer communities By proving to customers that the company can be trusted By using celebrity endorsers who are influencial in changing customers’ attitudes towards a product or serviceQuestion 8 (1 point) Question 8 UnsavedAnnie loves to travel on Delta because the frequent flier program allows her to fly more often. Which positive affect of a loyalty program does this describe?Question 8 options: Spreader effect Positive effect Blocker effect Accelerator effectQuestion 9 (1 point) Question 9 UnsavedDoug is anxious to reach the 1 million point level in his Marriott rewards program so he can take his wife on an around the world vacation. He stays out of town on business trips as often a possible to try to increase the number of nights that count towards the 1 million. Doug is exhibiting which of the positive effects of the Marriott loyalty program?Question 9 options: Longevity effect Blocker effect Spreader effect Accelerator effectQuestion 10 (1 point) Question 10 UnsavedCustomer satisfaction means:Question 10 options: The customer gives the company all ‘fully satisfied’ marks on a customer satisfaction survey. The customer tells all his friends how happy she is with her purchase. The product or service is exactly what the customer expected. The customer is delighted with the product or serviceQuestion 11 (1 point) Question 11 UnsavedThe best way a company can ensure customer satisfaction is to:Question 11 options: establish appropriate expectations in the minds of the customers and deliver those expectations. give the customer more than they are expecting. There is nothing a company can do to improve customer satisfaction because products and services can’t be perfect for everyone. send the customer a customer satisfaction survey after prompting them on the ‘right answers’.Question 12 (1 point) Question 12 UnsavedWhy is it important to measure customer satisfaction?Question 12 options: Because customers who are unsatisfied want to vent their frustration to the company in a formal manner Because customer satisfaction is tied to employee compensation To uncover problems the company was not aware of and constantly improve its products and services To identify complaining customers before they experience cognitive dissonanceQuestion 13 (1 point) Question 13 UnsavedShould a company satisfy all its customers?Question 13 options: No. Some people just can’t be satisfied no matter what the company does. Yes. That is the standard the company should establish for themselves. Yes. A company that knows exactly what customers want should be able to deliver it. No. There are too many consumer variables not in the marketer’s direct control that impacts the customer’s perception of satisfaction.Question 14 (1 point) Question 14 UnsavedCan consumers trust the product or service reviews they read online?Question 14 options: Yes. There are safeguards in place to eliminate negative or untrustworthy reviews. No. The principle of caveat emptor applies to the online environment. Yes. These reviews are written by customers just like us. No. Only satisfied customers write reviews and the reviews are biased too favorably towards the productd.Question 15 (1 point) Question 15 UnsavedPermission marketing means:Question 15 options: The federal government grants permission for companies to send messages to customers. The company gives its permission for its marketers to send emails and other messages to potential customers. A company asks the customer’s permission to send them messages. The customer asks the company to send him messages.

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