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Hi, this is assignment aboutToshiba Hard Drive ,i want from you to write for me 2 pages.Therequirementare
1_introduction about Toshiba Hard Drive when they started making hard drive .2_I want you to make for meSWOT Analysis of Toshiba Hard Drive.Am going to upload a file for the SWOT analysis Toshiba hard drive, in the file there is some points imentionedall i wants you is to explain these points more in detlis . In the file there are four sections which are strength, weakness, opportunies, and threat. each of these 4 sections i just mentioned there under them 2 or 1 point, and all i want you to do is to explain each point indivauly and please make the answer in bullet form for each point rather in essay format. for example in sectionstrengththere is two points, answer each point individually and mention that. ANd the future ofToshiba Hard Drive also make that individually

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