To use in mindmap or a web-based flow chart tool (cite all information)…

To use in mindmap or a web-based flow chart tool (cite all information)
I need information below to create an interactive timeline – depicting the evolution of the training profession from WWII to present (8 events) and include citation for all information and images:
8- Dates 8- Description of event 8- Images for all events 8- A interactive timeline links
For example:
Part 2:
Complete the Training Profession Evaluation Template:
Identify 2 training methods your organization uses with no more than 2 sentences Compare and contrast 2 other training methods with your organization’s training method/s Identifies a recent training method you experienced (PowerPoint, video, social media, etc.) States whether the training method met the learning needs of the participants by providing 2 great examples of how so 2 great examples of how the training method could be improved including best practices for each 3 great examples of how those who plan training programs can be supportive of each other’s efforts Detailed clear understanding of all content/answers
Identify the training method/s in healthcare organization and summarize it/them in not more than 2 sentences (for example, face-to-face, computer generated, on-the job-training, and coaching-mentoring – make sure you’re reading for questions and suggestions).

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