This assignment covers the learning materials from Week 1 to Week 4 · Answer all questions ·… 1 answer below »

This assignment covers the learning materials from Week 1 to Week 4

· Answer all questions

· Students are required to make use of the internet and textbook to find relevant open source information that can provide factual and convincing answers to all the questions listed.

· Total mark for this Individual Assignment is 40%.

· By completing your lab work satisfactorily, you will enhance your understanding and help yourself to prepare for your final examination.

· You are not allowed to copy your colleagues’ works.

· The assignment must be submitted before 11:55 pm 2rd December 2018.

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PartI TrueorFalse (5marksintotal)















1. Information is of no value to you if you can't access it.

2. Business intelligence refers solely to information about your competitors.

3. Management Information System mainly deals with three main organisational resources: People, Information and Technology. They are all playing very important roles in modern business management, people of course are the most important component whereas information is the least important.

4. Technically speaking, computer is a machine that only accepts and understands binary codes: 0, 1.

5. The basic approach of fuzzy logic is to assign values between 1 and 2 to vague or ambiguous information.

6. SEO improves the visibility of a Web site through the use of tags and key terms found by search engines.

7. Customers use only applications provided via a cloud infrastructure, which is Software as a Service (SaaS).

8. The C2B e-commerce business model is a true inversion of the C2C e-commerce business model.

9. A virus has the capacity to hurt the processor of a computer.

10. The objective of a denial-of-service attack is to prevent legitimate customers from accessing the target site.

PartII MultipleChoice (10marksintotal)

There is only one correct answer for each question. 1 marks for each question.

(Please write your answer in below table. There will be no mark if no answer in the table.)













1. Information granularity refers to:

A. the quantity of data within the information.

B. the quality of data within the information.

C. the frequency of data within the information.

D. the extent of detail within the information.

2. At lower organizational levels, information exhibits _____ granularity.

A. unrefined

B. fine

C. concentrated

D. coarse

3. ___ is a temporary holding area for the information you're working with as well as the system and application software instructions that the CPU currently needs.





4. What type of technology allows you to verbally speak with someone over the Internet

A. Wiki feeds

B. Social network

C. Ephone


5. Assume that you go to a computer store to buy a desktop, the salesman shows you one with 2.8GHz Intel Core CPU, how many calculations this CPU is able to perform per second approximately:

A. 28 billion calculations per second

B. 2.8 billion calculations per second

C. 280 million calculations per second

D. 280*2 million calculations per second

6. Data warehouses exist to support:





7. _____ is the process of reinstalling the backup information in the event the information was lost.

A. Recovery

B. Recycling

C. Retrieval

D. Reproduction

8. Which of the following artificial intelligence systems is capable of finding and differentiating patterns?

A. Neural networks

B. Expert systems

C. Geographic information systems

D. Decision support systems

9. _____ is a mathematical method of handling imprecise or subjective information.

A. Decision support system

B. Fuzzy logic

C. Neural network

D. Knowledge management system

10. Which of the following is an advantage of a distributed infrastructure?

A. It allows only specific locations within an infrastructure to share information and applications.

B. It ensures that each application is stored exclusively in one location to ensure information security.

C. It can allocate its processing activity to a location where it can most efficiently be done.

D. It divides an IT system into different tiers where each part performs a specific function.

Part III Short Answer Questions (10 marks in total)

Question 1 (2 marks)

Describe two IT enabled business solutions in one specific industry of your choice (e.g. Banking, airlines., etc.), ONE provides acompetitive advantageand one servers as a competitive necessity. Justify your answer.

Question 2 (4 marks)

What are the typical functions in a CRM system? How does CRM fit into the RGT framework?

Question 3 (4 marks)

What is online transaction processing (OLTP) and what is online analytical processing (OLAP)? What are their major differences between OLTP & OLAP?

Part IV Practical Questions (15 marks in total)

1. The evolution of the Web never stops, from the first generation to nowadays’ the semantic Web. The technologies and the applications have changed dramatically. Please explain each generation of the Web concisely and give some representative applications based on their characteristics. (5 marks)

2. Australia education industry has grown at an unprecedented rate in the past ten years during the period 2008-2018. Elite Education Institute (EEI) takes great pride in the quality of courses and services delivered to students seeking a highly prized Australian Higher Education Qualifications and it expands internationally through strategies that account for the external factors in the industry environment, suppose you are a consultant working on a project that assist the Elite Education Institution to improve its branding and position in the increasingly competitive educational market. According to the Five Forces model, provide a comprehensive analysis for the market and recommendations for the EEI. (10 marks)

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