“Require to have an Expert experienced MBA tutor with Strategic management experience do this… 1 answer below »

"Require to have an Expert experienced MBA tutor with Strategic management experience do this assignment.
Note: Please use Jack Welch Chapter 11 for reference (5 Slide methodolgy) for reference and then write these assignment.
Keep in mind while writing these assignment that You will develop your strategy from a leadership perspective, with your intended audience being the executive team at the Company to be used is "Royal Dutch Shell (UK/Netherlands)
Please use the same company for both the assignments : Company to be used is "Royal Dutch Shell (UK/Netherlands)
Both assignment have to be 100% Plagiarism free, Please list all the references in the Reference section for both assignments, Please check for grammar , and avoid long running sentences.
Please answer each question under separate section header.
1) Assignment 1 : Word document- Require to have it the Professional Word document for 2 slides for the same company- assignment must be: – 5-7 PageResearch Brief Double spaced – Analyze the business environment and competition

For the company Royal Dutch Shell (UK/Netherlands) using Jack Welsh Five Slide

Methodology. (refer Chapter 11 from WINNING by Jack Welsh for the five slide methodlogy).

– Note: Please make sure to use the Professional format attached for this word document ,

2) Assignment 2): Power Point with 6 slides for the same company must have speaker notes, and references.


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