In “Why the Future Doesn’t Need UsBill Joy expresses a powerful pessimism about the dangers of… 1 answer below »

In "Why the Future Doesn't Need UsBill Joy expresses a powerful pessimism about the dangers of technologies that may be developed later in our century. Joy also a muted optimism about humans' ability to use ethical principles to avoid those dangers. What are Joy's best reasons for being pessimistic? What are his strongest reasons for expressing optimism? As you consider the relative strengths and weaknesses of those reasons, explain whether and why you find yourself more pessimistic or more optimistic about the issues that Joy raises.
Please ensure that your essay addresses each component of the question assigned question and that your answer is well- organized, uses excellent, college-level prose, and makes judicious use of textual l evidence.

In the article “Why the future doesn’t need us” Bill Joy expresses a deep pessimism about the evils of technologies that may see the light of the day later in our century. At the end of the article in spite of his apprehensions, he also has gives a ray of hope to the humanity to ward off this impending danger through some strong measures.

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