Augustine: Free Choice of the Will Descriptioncollege paper 800-1000 words justified 1.00 spacing…

Augustine: Free Choice of the WillDescriptioncollege paper 800-1000 words justified 1.00 spacing 12.00 font times new roman 1 inch margins all around first half summary 2nd half reaction

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Part one of “Notes from the underground man” was the piece picked from this week’s reading assignment. This introductory chapter depicts a narration of a man who describes himself as a wicked, spiteful, unpleasant looking individual who is suffering from some sort of illness that dealt with his liver. Even though he knows of his illness he refuses to be treated by doctors this is just one of the many patterns of contradiction with this character depicted in this story. The tortured man tells of his time in the war and how his evil ways were accepted during his time of service and it was more than ok for him to act that way. He justified his actions as just because he never accepted bribes from anyone and that was his form of self-compensation. Later we come to find out that the man is retired and has come up with some inheritance money which allows him to live comfortable but has kept his job just for the bare necessities such as groceries. The man confesses that he is filled with negative thoughts towards others that turn into impulses. The old man is confined to his own world in St. Petersburg where he can’t act upon these impulses. We see another contradiction where he knows that he act on these thoughts so he commends himself on his intelligence. My reaction to this piece is that off my first impression it is written in a somber way that sets the tone for the excerpt. It is not the most exciting piece of literature that I have come across but none the less the excerpt carries value. This small excerpt was not enough for me to fully understand what the piece was all about. There are many themes that come across in the first part of notes from the underground man. The underground man follows a train of thought about spite and how resentment towards life itself that he has created. This man, in my opinion, is a man that does not feel free he is trapped in this underground world he has built for himself where there is only room for negative impulse and over-analytical thoughts but aside from this not all is bad, the underground man battles with a sense of superiority as well he believes that he is a sensible and intelligent being despite everything. This cynical man paints a portrait of self-loathing where he disintegrates into madness. His constant contradiction and self-sabotage were cringing to me; this depressive bipolar state of the underground man makes the reader feel trapped which is probably a reflection of this slave morality that circulates the theme for the reading. This piece kept me engaged which I appreciate when it comes to assigned read, so I did some outside research about the piece and the Dostoevsky. As I researched further I came to find that the Dostoevsky’s experiences in Russia influenced his writing. His pace of birth was the setting used in the book. This socialistic view towards the world is carried out throughout the many themes of the book could cave be due to the culmination of his traumatic experiences in a labor camp. The fact that Dostoevsky does not use names serves as a way of allowing us to become the character. We see the world through his eyes where we are allowed to interpret it as we like. Notes from the underground is a reflective piece of writing that The monotone tone of the excerpt ice is something that would definitely be a negative side to the reading but without it, I can see how the piece would lose its impact.  In summary, I did very much enjoy reading Dostoevsky’s notes from the underground man. The thing that I particularly took a liking for was that the authors chose a character that was not likable but had an intensity that allowed us to evaluate how humankind craves a level of happiness but chose to make the conscious decision to be miserable. There are so many things in life that make us unhappy but we find ourselves trapped in vicious cycles just like the underground man. Our thoughts of fear and spite are tied to our actions which make us unhappy but we cannot get away from our thoughts, just like in the book where we can’t seem to step away from the bad even though we are free to do so, which raises one final question how free area we really?



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Augustine and his questioner, Evodius, dove into the issue of the root of fiendishness on the planet. Plainly this is a significant problem for a Christian, who can see the undeniable clash in the origination of a world apparently containing loathsome shades of malice, notwithstanding its being the production of a supreme, omniscient, and completely altruistic God. It is positively not God who is to get faulted for the nearness of wickedness, but instead a man, who manhandle his God-given free will to do off-base. In any case, then the question emerges: if God gave free will, and he could predict that man would mishandle it, why didn’t He keep detestable from emerging by basically not giving free will to man in any case?

One question distracted Augustine from the time he was an understudy in Carthage: why does detestable exist on the planet? He came back to this…………………..


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