As the potential General Manager of your ‘HOTS’ hotel, you have been asked to create a strategic…

As the potential General Manager of your ‘HOTS’ hotel, you have been asked to create a strategic plan for your first year of operation.

You need to clearly show three things:

1) You need to discuss the micro and macro environment that the hotel will be in when your team takes over management.

2) You need to consider your intended overarching strategy and how this will inform your mission and vision.

3) You need to give practical examples in the different HOTS Decision Categories as to how your overarching strategy will be applied within the first year.

Within this you must utilize at least two (2) theoretical models to produce strategic recommendations for the hotel.

The 1,500-word brief in Business Report structure must outline your environmental assessment and your recommended strategy/s for the first year. You must demonstrate strong critical arguments, justified through at least two key strategic management theories. You must take the insight gained from your environmental analysis and discuss your over-arching strategy (vision, mission, etc.). These statements must be cohesive with your environmental analysis. You are expected to include some discussion of the practical application of your strategy/s in relation to all the decision categories from the HOTS simulation (e.g. Rates, Rev. Mgt., F&B, etc.). The brief must be presented to a standard that would be used in a real-world environment. You are to assume this briefing paper applies to your HOTS hotel.

All referencing (in-text referencing and reference list) must be in accordance with APA 6th Edition Referencing Style

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