Here are the questions you will need to answer: 1. What are the main features of the holiness of…

Here are the questions you will need to answer: 1. What are the main features of the holiness of God? How do those features of Gods holiness impact our understanding of the quest to image Him? 2. 4. What result of grace is described in Romans 6? 5. What result of grace is described in Romans 7? 6. What is the flesh (as Paul uses the word in an ethical sense)? 7. What is the primary ministry of the Holy Spirit on this quest for a life that is spiritual? 8. Why do laws or rules fail to help us on the quest? 9. In The Challenge of Spiritual-Decision Making, you are presented with 3 scenarios about making decisions: (1) Choosing a College (2) Deciding on Whether or not to Get Married (3) Decision on Buying a House. In the video, the class is asked to provide counsel in one of these scenarios. Choose, 1 of these 3 scenarios and give your answer to the following question How would you advise these decision-makers to make their decision so that they can be assured that they have found Gods will? 10. In the traditional process for Christian decision-making, what are the major elements that we tend to bring into the decision-making process to make sure we are doing what God wants us to do? 11. What are the main reasons we would say that the traditional way of making spiritual decisions does not work well? 12. What are 4 key elements of spiritual decision making? 13. Does God have an individual will for your life? Should you seek it? 14. Instead of dividing all decisions into moral and immoral (as in the traditional model), what are the categories of decisions in the model based in freedom? 15. What is an amoral issue? 16. What is the effect of legalism on decision-making? 17. How might the flesh influence our decision-making? 18. How could the leading of the Spirit help me with decision-making in this Freedom Model of making decisions? 19. What is Smiths charge against how the church generally tries to combat the lure of the world? 20. What does Smith advocate as the best way to combat the lure of the world? 21. Explain the meaning of this phrase: Lex orandi, lex credendi. How does that phrase impact our understanding of Smiths final chapters? Website

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