· Demonstration of knowledge of the issues and evidence of wide reading… 1 answer below »

· Demonstration of knowledge of the issues and evidence of wide reading to support your analysis
· Demonstration of your ability to apply the knowledge to identify keys issues leading to your recommendations
· Evidence of sound reasoning and the exercise of professional judgement to support your recommendations
· Development and statement of concise recommendations for presentation to the AICD
· Overall structure and professional presentation of the report to the AICD
· High quality written communication of concepts and terms in ordinary English as not all readers of the report can be assumed to be specialists competent in corporate governance
Case Study
‘As a separate legal person, a corporation has two basic objectives: To survive and to thrive. Shareholder value is not the objective of the corporation; it is an outcome of the corporation’s activities. While shareholders entrust their stakes in a corporation to the board of directors, shareholders are just one audience among others that the board may consider when making decisions on behalf of the corporation.
These audiences, typically called stakeholders, may also include other financial stakeholders, such as bondholders, and nonfinancial stakeholders

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