Research Paper Project The title of my research paper is to be, â??Stress and its effect on the…

Research Paper Project The title of my research paper is to be, “Stress and its effect on the workplace and the employee†Complete a Research Paper in this course. A Research Paper is an opportunity for you to practice and improve your research and writing skills. Plus, it allows you to review the details that others have observed and researched in the industry. Review articles and sources with specific questions in mind (i.e., Does this article support my topic? How does this article apply to my topic? How am I going to use the details of this article in my paper?). The Research Paper must meet the following requirements: • Be at least eight to ten pages in length (not including the title page and references page) 1- Include at least ten empirical studies;. BY EMPHERICAL STUDIES, WE MEAN FROM SCHOLARLY JOURNAL’. NOT FROM INTERNET ARTICLES, but from scholarly articles. 2- Use APA Style, 6TH EDITION , for citations and reference’s and bibliography The Research Paper should consist of the following elements: • An overview of the proposed topic of research. • A brief review of related literature. • A description of proposed research methods The literature review section should: 1. Summarize and integrate pertinent research and theory in its topic area. It is suggested you concentrate primarily on work accomplished within the last five years, although some topics may require more in-depth historical development. Proposed research study (if you can, if not, don’t worry about it!) 2. Make a contribution of knowledge to the topic. This can be done several ways, such as conceptualizing an issue or problem in a novel and useful manner, collecting new data through quantitative or qualitative research, demonstrating the applicability of a method or treatment, synthesizing and interpreting existing data to gain new insights, or expanding the application of a theory or previous research conclusions to a new area. 3. Show how a topic area is illuminated, expanded, or changed by the new perspective brought to it, if you can!

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