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Faculty of Business and Law Level: 3 Module: SIM335 Managing Projects Assignment Code: SIM335 Module Leader: Peter Coleman Issue date: Return date: Contribution to module assessment: 100% Students are required to submit their coursework through JIRA. Only assessments submitted through JIRA will be marked. Any other submission including submission to your study centre in hard copy will be treated as a non-submission. This is an individual assignment – complete both tasks 1 and 2 Background: The assignment is intended to bring out the benefits and limitations of different approaches to project planning and control by relating these to the circumstances in the case outlined. It is also intended to allow students to demonstrate their learning and competence in respect of the management of resources generally, but in particular elements of scope, schedule, quality, and cost. Task 1 (40% marks) 700 words (+/- 10%) each short answer question

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