What do you see as challenges for a global manager… 1 answer below »

This component is assessed individually. Each student is required to write a learning journal during the course of the semester to collect ONE article from press sources (newspapers, and magazines and so on).
The purpose of this assessment is to analyse the chosen article using the Global Management Model used in the unit by Steers, Nardon, Sanchez-Runde (2013).
When you submit your Learning Journal to Turnitin, you will also have to include a copy of the article you have analysed for your Learning Journal (please be reminded that providing just the link of your article is not sufficient).
The expected length of your Learning Journal is five pages (using 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing) answering the following four questions: What do you see as challenges for a global manager? Discuss the area(s) (cultural, organisational or situational environments) in which a global managerneeds to develop a good understanding. Discuss the global management skills that need to develop in order for a manager to be effective andsuccessful? Is/are there any ethical implication/s? If there is/are, what is/are they? In this assessment, a student needs to take time in choosing an article carefully so that a suitable article is chosen. To be able to tackle the questions above, students are allowed and expected to make projections and assumptions, based on the contents of the article.
This assessment requires you to produce a well-written and well-researched analytical piece and to use a minimum of 10 references from scholarly sources. The writing should be in scholarly style. Note that the Chicago referencing system is the only acceptable referencing system for written work in this unit.

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