Want to monitor your dog s health and fitness? Now you can with devices like Whistle and Voyce,…

Want to monitor your dog s health and fitness? Now you can with devices like Whistle and Voyce, wearable bands placed around a dog s neck like a regular collar. Only this is no regular collar. It monitors your pooch s vital signs, such as heart and respiratory rates and calories burned. You can also learn if your dog is active or sleeps most of the day. Unlike humans, dogs do not exhibit symptoms and it is often too late when you notice something is wrong. Voyce gives dogs a “voice” by letting owners “connect the dots” to reveal anything that s amiss. Although the monitoring will not set off alarm bells, owners can track vital stats through a monthly subscription service synced with a computer, tablet, or smart phone and share that data with a veterinarian. Over time, the device gets to know a dog and sends owners customized articles, tips, and advice. Using a mobile device, owners can remotely access their pet s data anytime through www.MyDogsVoyce.com. Voyce also makes it easy to share your pup s milestones with friends and family through social media. Such devices are not cheap, however, ranging from $129.95 for similar product Whistle to $299 for Voyce, in addition to a monthly service fee. The makers of Voyce also hope to introduce a device to fit even the smallest dogs, cats, and horses. 1. Describe the core, actual, and augmented levels of product associated with this product. What level does the monitoring service represent? Explain. 2. Discuss two examples of si

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