Choose three (3) wars in which the United States participated during the period covered by this…

Choose three (3) wars in which the United States participated during the period covered by this course (the Cold War may be one of your choices). Why did the U.S. enter each war (for what purposes)? Was there any opposition to entering these wars? Compare the standing of the U.S. in the world before or after each war. (MINIMUM 350 WORDS, MLA FORMAT)


Identify three presidents since 1877 and how they exhibited effective leadership in a difficult situation.(MINIMUM 350 WORDS, MLA FORMAT)


You should follow the discussion forum format of providing factual support from the textbook and analysis, reflection, and opinion.


 You must include the following:

One quotation from your textbook with page numbers in parenthesis to support your ideas.

Penalty of 20% for not including one quotation from the textbook with page number citations.

About 75% of your response should be analysis/reflection, much like your forum posts. Penalty of 20% for limited analysis/reflection.


A minimum of 700 WORDS TOTAL. Penalty of 20% for not reaching word minimum.

No outside sources may be used. NO PLAGIARISM, NO JARGON.







Question: Why was President Andrew Johnson impeached and what impact did it have?

FACT/ANALYSIS: The textbook reveals that Johnson was charged with “high crimes and misdemeanors” on “eleven counts of misconduct” (452-453).  The impeachment did not bring down the president because Congress fell short of convicting him. The book states that the “dissenting Republicans felt that removing a president for defying Congress was too damaging to the constitutional system of checks and balances” (452-453). The impeachment did open the door for Ulysses S. Grant to become the next president (1). OPINION/REFLECTION: Although the book does not specifically state what charges were brought against Johnson, it seems as though Congress wanted to punish him for his anti-suffrage views. It is clear that tensions were high during this period, and that the country was still trying to grapple with all the difficulties of the post-Civil War period.


Works Cited Edwards, Rebecca; Henretta, James A; and Self, Robert O. America: A Concise History. Volume 2: since 1865. (New York, NY: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2012).


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