1. Preliminary Project Implementation Plan…

1. Preliminary Project Implementation Plan

A Project proposal takes into account resource issues and competitive activity, but does so in broad terms rather than in specific detail. Your report should cover the wider range of issues introduced in the Project Management classes, including the financial considerations that clearly demonstrate the costings and value of the Project to the organisation. If your organisation is a not-for-profit, you will still need to establish relevant costings, for example how your Project proposal reduces costs or otherwise meets organisational objectives.

Your Plan should answer the questions:

· What Project are you planning to introduce?

· Why does the organisation need this Project (what problem or opportunity will it solve)?

· What are the challenges in implementing this Project?

The Project Implementation Plan needs to meet the following criteria:

· The company you have selected is already an established business entity;

· It must not already be "in-progress" in the company;

· It must require substantial development and not just marketing. For example, if you simply want to bring in a product from overseas and market it, that does not qualify. Nor does bringing together a bunch of stuff in a relatively trivial way and calling it a Project; for example, a new service based entirely on subcontracting existing services. It needs to be substantive. If in doubt ask your Tutor;

· Your project needs to demonstrate reasonable complexity and sophistication. It is anticipated the development would involve multiple people, a significant period of time, and require a budget anywhere between $50,000 and $300,000.

· Preliminary Project Implementation Plan = max. 3,500 words.

· Appendices are not counted in the word count, but students need to be sensible in not having excessive appendices.

Submission: shall be on Blackboard through TURNITIN. Only one member of the group should submit the Assignment on all the groups behalf.

This final group report shall include the original proposal (outlined above) along with the detailed preliminary implementation plan for the Project chosen by your group.

Your plan will demonstrate relevant academic and professional standards. You are expected to refer to and use selected theory and models from class as a conceptual framework where relevant to your project, and to cite appropriate literature to support your case.Your report should cover a range of topics including:

1. An introduction describing your organisation and the market(s) in which it operate(s). The justification of the need for the proposed Project;

2. How and what ideas were generated for the Project, and how they were subsequently assessed and screened relative to customer needs and organisational goals (including financials) and capacities;

3. Analysis utilising various frameworks to justify demand for your Project;

4. A project management plan of the development, production and launch of the Project to the market. A description of the overall project with a complete and detailed action plan.

Your Project Implementation Plan amongst other material shall include: The Project outline and why it is being proposed; company – the name and a brief description of the company for which you are proposing the Project; the business reason(s) why this Project should be considered (benefit(s) the Project will provide); Description of the project objective, scope, deliverables, constraints and assumptions; Project schedule including a GANTT chart showing the critical path; Resource requirements and detailed resource schedules; Project cost estimate; HR Plan, Stakeholders , Communication management Risk assessment; and Quality strategy; and Control and monitoring systems.

It needs to be recognised that this preliminary Implementation Plan is what helps company executives understand the justification and potential cost of Projects. In reality it would be reviewed possibly several times and iteratively tighten up in detail to form a final definitive Implementation Plan before Project sanction.

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