Topic 2 – Networking 1 answer below »

The assignment should be 2,000 words

Although examples are good there is a very strong emphasis on the theory and how it is illustrated in real life cases

Topic 2 – Networking.

Q1: Paradox: some argue that entrepreneurship is largely based on chance and many people do not become entrepreneurs because they are never lucky enough to be at the right place and at the right time. Alternatively, entrepreneurs are believed to create their opportunities by engineering situations which heighten the chance that they find an opportunity. Often they do this by using networks to extend their “opportunity space”. To what extent do you agree with this and use theory as well as real life arguments to show both sides of the argument.

Q2: You never know when and how a network will be valuable, or what sort of network you might need. Paradox: valuable networks can only be created when you are not looking for value. How can you develop your own network BEFORE it may be useful?

Q3: Despite the Internet, networks seem to require proximity and an entrepreneurial infrastructure. Why do you think this is so? Why are places like ‘The Meet’ found in entrepreneurial infrastructures. Do you know places like this? How would you uncover them?

Note: The Meet is a coffee shop in Dubai targeted at enterpreneurs where they come and network or find space to work.

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