Model the choreography and collaboration diagrams for the following business process for ordering…

Model the choreography and collaboration diagrams for the following business process for ordering maintenance activities at Sparks.

The ordering business process starts with the receipt of a request for work order from a customer. Upon the receipt of this request, the ordering department of Sparks estimates the expected usage of supplies, parts and labor and prepares a quote with the estimated total cost for the maintenance activity. If the customer’s vehicle is insured, the ordering department interacts with the insurance department to retrieve the details of the customer’s insurance plan so that these can be attached to the quote. The ordering department then sends the quote to the customer, who can either accept or reject the quote by notifying the ordering department within five days. If the customer accepts the quote, the ordering department contacts the warehouse department to check if the required parts are in stock before scheduling an appointment with the customer. If some parts are not in stock, the ordering department orders the required parts by interacting with a certified reseller and waits for an order confirmation from the reseller, to be received within three days. If it is not received, the order department orders the parts again from a second reseller. If no reply is received from the second reseller too, the order department notifies the customer that the parts are not available and the process terminates. If the required parts are in stock or have been ordered, the ordering department interacts with an external garage to book a suitably equipped service bay and a suitably qualified mechanic to perform the work. A confirmation of the appointment is then sent by the garage to the order department which forwards the confirmation to the customer. The customer has one week to pay Sparks, otherwise the ordering department cancels the work order by sending a cancellation notice to both the service bay and the mechanic that have been booked for this order. If the customer pays in time, the work order is performed.



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