Regis Healthcare Limited is one of the leading operator of Aged carefacilities in Australia and… 1 answer below »

Regis Healthcare Limited is one of the leading operator of Aged carefacilities in Australia and the largest of ASX listed Residential Aged Care(RACs) with an estimated market of 2.5%. Regis works with a vision tobe dynamic, innovative and a creative industry leader providing premiumquality aged care services through effective management by a dedicatedprofessional team. To achieve this, the key factor driving the growthaspirations and operational metric is the quality of care.You are a team of Strategic Management Accountants (SMA) who havebeen hired to help achieve the following:1) Enhance value chain within the organisation with various strategicmanagement tools2) Examine and apply the techniques for developing, implementingand monitoring strategies3) Analyze the strategic management cycle and the leadership role ofprofessional accountants in strategic management4) Define the role of organisation and industry value chain analysisand apply the analysis to the design and structure of value addingactivities, value drivers and value chains5) Analyze the characteristics of effective strategic and corporatesocial responsibility related performance measurement and controlsystems6) Describe and apply strategic management accounting techniquesto the selection, planning, implementation, control and monitoringof projects if any.—

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