Conception of justice Considering the arguments of the philosopher you choose, use your essay to…

Conception of justice

Considering the arguments of the philosopher you choose, use your essay to address this question: what is the most just approach to determining the best purpose or use of your place, and according to that conception of who should have power over determining the place’s purpose or how it ought to be used? You will use a total of four  in this paper. You will make your argument using Aristotle, Hobbes, Rousseau, Locke, or Mill. Then, you will use three of the other thinkers we studied during the first half of the course to critique/criticize your philosopher’s argument by presenting the key critique/criticism each would make of your philosopher’s argument. You, then, will defend your philosopher’s argument against each of those critiques.


Paper must consist of 5 paragraphs: paragraph one is your thesis, paragraph two will be your argument (addressing both justice and power), the rest of the paragraphs will be your oppositions’ best critiques of your argument and your response (defense) to each of them.

You must underline the thesis sentence in the thesis paragraph and you must underline the topic sentence in each paragraph.

You must use and cite quotations from each of the readings/philosophers covered in the debate. Failure to use and cite quotations from the reading in the second and ALL subsequent paragraphs will result in a paper score of 0 or 1 point. You must have quotations that support each side in the debate. That means there are at least 2 quotations in each paragraph other than the thesis paragraph.

Students who in any way incorporate the work of another will receive a grade of 0 on the paper and will be cited for academic dishonesty. This includes undocumented use of the Internet or the work of another student (past or present)

For the philosophical aspects of your paper, you should use only texts assigned for this class. Do not use outside philosophy sources in your paper. You do not need them to succeed on your papers.

No papers will be accepted after other students’ papers have been graded and returned to them.

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