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BRIC Country Assessment AnalysisBRIC refers to Brazil, Russia, India and China. The term BRIC was created bythe Chief Economist of Goldman Sachs Investment Bank in 2001 and is nowwidely used in business and academia to refer to the four countries that arelikely to have a profound impact on the global economy and businessenvironment in the twenty first century. As part of the globalization theme ofthis Strategy Seminar we want you to become familiar with these countriesand their potential role in corporate global business strategy.• For a more recent commentary on the BRIC countries view thefollowing: Goldman Sachs | BRICs Videos and StoriesExamine each of the BRIC countries to determine their projected economicgrowth, country business environment and country risk. We have gatheredassessments of the Country Risk and Business Environment (Opportunity)from the Economist Intelligence Unit database in the UMUC library. Theseassessments are posted as EIU BRIC Country Assessment Ratings in CourseContent.BRIC COUNTRIESBRAZILEconomistIntelligenceUnit,Brazil Economy,Politics and GDPGrowth SummaryCHINAEconomist IntelligenceUnit,China Economy,Politics and GDPGrowth SummaryRUSSIAEconomistIntelligenceUnit,RussiaEconomy, Politicsand GDP GrowthSummaryINDIAEconomist IntelligenceUnit,India Economy,Politics and GDPGrowth SummaryMAN 6726 : Strate gic Ma na geme nt Pg. 12 Corporate MBA Read the rationale behind these ratings and dig deeper by reading other EIUnews stories about the political, economic, financial, business and regulatoryenvironments in each country.Also, take note of the Personal Disposable Income (PDI) available in eachcountry as an indicator of market size. (you will find the PDI in the 5 YearEconomic Forecast) , PDI is defined as the income households receive fromfirms, plus transfer payments received from the government, minus directtaxes paid to the government. It is the income that households have availablefor spending or saving.Post the resultant ratings for each country in a summary table comparing thecountry ratings for risk, business environment (opportunity). Add the UnitedStates to the table for comparison purposes. Include a brief summary of themain country conditions that contribute to the ratings.Also create a table comparing the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), thePersonal Disposable Income (PDI), Exports (in U.S. $), and Imports (in U.S.$) for both 2011 and 2015 and calculate the amount of growth for each item.Discuss the following business strategy questions.• How would you tradeoff the degree of country risk versus the businessenvironment ratings, taking into consideration the market size asexpressed by the PDI in 2015?• How would you tradeoff the degree of country risk versus the businessenvironment ratings, taking into consideration the market growth asexpressed by the PDI in 2015 versus 2010?• As a result of answering the above two questions, how would youprioritize the BRIC countries in terms of developing a global businessstrategy?Note: Write this up, integrating your answers in a way that demonstrates yourcritical reasoning supporting your prioritization of the BRIC countries.

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