Below are the instructions provided by the professor. The cases can be found in Business Law 9th…

Below are the instructions provided by the professor. The cases can be found in Business Law 9th edition by Henry Cheeseman. If you can’t access to book, I can provide a few cases for you to choose from. If you remember the Syllabus (Section 15), you will recall that I want a Signature Assignment. Whats that? The Syllabus says its a written analysis using IRAC format of one of the chapterend cases. This analysis should be approximately 3-5 pages in length. Well, okay, but whats that mean? I want a short paper on any case in the textbook, although preferably from a chapter we covered in this class, and please give me a citation: the case name and either the official reporter (e.g., 131 S.Ct. 1207 (2011)) or the edition of Cheeseman that you are using and the page number. I want to be sure I can find your case. And I want IRAC. Those are the Rules. How do you apply those Rules to the facts? Thats the Analysis. Finally, tell me your Conclusion. The Issue is the critical question, so it should end in a question mark. The Rules are laws, and should usually be able to complete the sentence, The relevant law states [] The Conclusion is the answer to the critical question. If you look in the Week 1 discussion, you can find an example by me of doing this kind of IRAC analysis, using the case of Brown v. EMA. There are also some fine examples in the weekly discussions by your fellow students. You are welcome to pull up the actual opinion online.

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