There are two parts to this assignment and you must complete both parts. In Part 1 you will… 1 answer below »

There are two parts to this assignment and you must complete both parts. In Part 1 you will critically evaluate the literature on Strategic Management as theory and process. In Part 2 you will seek to apply the learning from Part 1 within a specific organisational context as discussed and agreed in class based sessions with your tutor.

Part 1:Taking a ‘Strategy as Practice’ perspective, critically appraise relevant academic literature in terms of:

•Key challenges faced by managers in developing and deploying strategy within its industry context, and the tools available for meeting these challenges•Theory and modelssuitable forinforminganorganisation’splanning and positioning relative tokeycompetitors andwithin its competitive environment

Part 2:Totally Wicked™ is a successful Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing company based in the North West of the UK. From a standing start around 5 years ago, the company has grown an international business generating in excess of £50 million per annum in revenue within the ‘Vaping’ industry.Again adopting a ‘Strategy as Practice’ perspective, write a mini-reportcommenting upon:

A)The Strategic Choices facing Totally Wicked™ in taking its business forward


B)The effectiveness ofstrategies deployed to date by Totally Wicked™, based upon the evidence available to you

Your report should contain as a minimum the following sections:

1.An introduction setting out your understanding of the task,your planned approach. (150-200 words)5marks2.A short section outlining the organisational context selected for the report andkey milestones in its development. (200-300 words) 5 marks3.A Literature Review providing balancedcriticalevaluation of relevanttheory relating to strategicmanagement drawn from a range of appropriate sources(2000-2500 words maximum)40 marks4.Application of theory intheTotally Wicked™context,taking either A or B above as your starting point, andusinginsights andexamples fromyour literaturereview to provide support for any observations and arguments(1200-1500 words maximum)30marks5.A short concluding section drawing conclusions about therelevance of Strategy as Practice theory in informing organisational strategy (400-500 words maximum)15 marks6.Please include a short ‘ReflectiveAssessment’ ofyourkey learning fromundertaking theassignment (150-300 words)5 marks7.A bibliography / reference list for all resources used in compiling your report. This element is not part of your word count.8.Appendices(if appropriate) – not part of the word count for the assignment.

The module learning outcomes addressed by this assignmentare:

LO1- critically evaluate the challenges faced by managers in the development and deployment of strategy

LO2 – understand and apply a range of alternative models and concepts in dealing with strategic planning issues in order to achieve competitive advantage

LO3 – critically evaluate the processes and outcomes in the implementation of strategic choices facing an organisation

LO4 – successfully deploy relevant critical, analytical and academic skills in an extended piece of writing related to Strategic Management.

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