Planning, strategy development and measurement are important aspects in achieving any corporate… 1 answer below »

Planning, strategy development and measurement are important aspects in achieving any corporate or business goals. With reference to the case; a) Identify the business plan and strategy used by Lululemon and evaluate its relevance to its vision and mission statements in light of the current issues faced. (contemporary models on strategy and concepts such as strategic drift should be referred) b) Identify their goals and value processes with reference to ethical, cultural, environmental, social and business objectives and evaluate how the current issue impacts these and the business. c) Evaluate efficiencies in resource allocation in relation to current organizational objectives, strategies, and goals. (2000 words) Task 2 a) With the use of relevant tools and frameworks conduct a strategic analysis of its environment to identify the current position of Lululemon (consider Macro, Micro and Internal Factors). From the analysis specifically identify; – The major changes taking place in the macro and micro environments. – Evaluate the importance of stakeholder relations and assess the impact the current supplier related issue has on stakeholder relations and strategic business planning. (1250 words) Task 3 a) Sustainability and risk management are identified as important aspects for businesses today. Critically analyse the risks facing Lululemon and the future challenges affecting strategic business management and planning of the organisation. b) Apply strategies and techniques to mitigate such risks in the future.

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