Learning Outline Within this resource, you will be covering the following key topics: • Communicate.

Learning Outline
Within this resource, you will be covering the following key topics:
• Communicate with customers and colleagues from diverse backgrounds
• Social and cultural language barriers
• When to use non-verbal or verbal communication
• Cross – cultural difficulties with others
• Address cross cultural misunderstandings
• Seeking assistance from others
• Key principles of equality and fairness
• Anti-discrimination policies and protocols
• Characteristics of social and cultural groups within Australian society
• Disability and implications to the organisation
Using these key topics as a guide, you will work with your trainer/assessor to develop your skills and knowledge.
Assessment Guidelines
To successfully complete this unit/s you will be required to complete different forms of evidence to determine your competency in a unit/s. As part of this unit you are required to complete the following forms of evidence:
• Written activities Q1-16
As part of this written assessment you will need to access the following resources to support you in this assessment:
• Computer with internet access
• Access to anti-discrimination policies and plain English documents produced by government information agencies.
• Ability to communicate with colleagues and customers in a culturally sensitive manner while undertaking operational activities within a commercially realistic environment.
By completing this assessment online, it will form part of the evidence required to support your skills and knowledge to be deemed competent in this unit.
The role of your trainer/assessor is to assist and guide you through your learning journey to achieve your goals.
As part of your assessment, you will need to complete the following questions.
1. Why should you value, respect and consider colleagues and customers of different social cultural groups?
2. Explain how you might seek assistance to overcome language barriers in a non-discriminatory way.
3. Explain the term “cross cultural differences” and indicate how you would discuss associated difficulties with others.
a. Give an example when you have experienced a cultural or social conflict.
b. How did the misunderstanding occur and what did you do to resolve this misunderstanding?
5. Briefly describe an example of when you would escalate an unresolved misunderstanding or problem to a supervisor or manager.
6. Briefly describe an example where you have had to respond to meet social and cultural considerations.
7. Describe four different types of communication strategies or skills you would use to effectively respond to social and cultural diversity.
How might you best discuss cross cultural misunderstandings with a manager, supervisor or members within a work team?
9. Discuss the types of problem solving skills you would use to resolve a conflict situation.
10. Explain how you would address the cause of misunderstandings and conflict and seek assistance from others in identifying cross cultural misunderstandings.
11. Describe three principles of fairness and equity that could be used during social or cultural misunderstandings.
12. Briefly describe five general characteristics of the main social and cultural groups found within Australian society.
13. What does the term inbound tourist mean? What religious backgrounds could these tourists have and what needs may need to be considered?
14. Describe what the implications would be to an organisation for not providing equal working opportunities to people with disabilities?
a. Identify and describe the purpose of the following three anti-discrimination Acts
b. Briefly explain why organisations need to ensure they are implemented.
1. Sexual Discrimination Act 1984
Purpose of Act Why Act needs to be implemented?

2. Racial Discrimination Act 1975
Purpose of Act Why Act needs to be implemented?

3. Disability Discrimination Act 1992
Purpose of Act Why Act needs to be implemented?

16. Describe how you would improve your knowledge of different cultures and integrate this information showing respect and sensitivity to all internal and external customers found throughout a Travel/Tourism organisation? Your answer should be approx 500 words in length.

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