16) Sharing corporate values is an approach to managing in which managers establish, promote, and…

Sharing corporate values is an approach to managing in which managers
establish, promote, and practice an organization’s shared values.

A company’s shared values act as guideposts for managerial decisions and

Values-based management is based on the close link between an organization’s
decisions and activities and its impact on the natural environment.

In the preconventional stage of moral development, individuals make a clear
effort to define moral principles apart from the authority of the groups to
which they belong or of society in general.

People proceed through the six stages of moral development in lockstep fashion.

The term “values” refers to the rules and principles that define
right and wrong conduct.

A structural design that continuously reminds employees of what is ethical is
less likely to encourage ethical behavior.

Employees may be pressured to do “whatever is necessary” to look good
on the outcome variables when they are evaluated only on the results.

The Global Compact identifies human rights principles for doing business
globally that includes making certain that corporations are not complicit in
human rights abuses.

The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) developed a
global code of ethics.

The best thing managers can do to provide ethical leadership is be a good role

Employees who raise ethical concerns or issues to others inside or outside the
organization are called social activists.

Fair trade proponents are examples of whistleblowers.

Under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, whistleblowers in the United States who report
suspected corporate violations of laws now have broad protection from reprisals
and retaliation.

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