Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Management: Clinical Prevention Intervention and Evaluation.

Topic 1:Nutrition, Exercise, Stress Management: Clinical Prevention Intervention and Evaluation.

Read the required reading. You have a client from a vulnerable population, such as an economically disadvantaged and older adult, who needs to begin lifestyle changes with nutrition, exercise and stress management modifications. Discuss how you would approach nutrition, exercise and/or stress management counseling. Address food aid programs that would be appropriate for referral. What exercise recommendations would be appropriate for your client/s. Comment on stress management factors that may need addressed with your choice of the vulnerable population.

Required Reading

In Health Promotion throughout the Lifespan in Nursing Practice, read:

Chapter 11: “Nutrition Counseling for Health Promotion”

Chapter 12: “Exercise”

Chapter 13: “Stress Management”

Chapter 14: “Complementary and Alternative Strategies”

Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span 8th (2014)
Edelman, Kudzma and Mandle Mosby


Ackley-Holbrook, E., Minsoo, K., & Morgan, D. W. (2016). Development and evaluation of the Walk for Health Program: A physical activity intervention for adults with visual impairments. Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness, 110(2), 103-114.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020. (2015). Table of contents. Retrieved from

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Riemer, H. C., Mates, J., Ryan, L., & Schleder, B. J. (2015). Decreased stress level in nurses: A benefit of quiet time. American Journal of Critical Care, 24(5), 396-402.

Rosenberg, K. (2017). Complementary medicine relieves some types of chronic pain. American Journal of Nursing, (1), 61.

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