What given area is a good candidate for wind, solar, or hydrologic energy?

Paper must follow CER format.

Need at least 10 sources

For each of the 10 sources, you need to provide a brief explanation as to why they are credible and reliable. Use at least 3 of the following strategies:

Author: who is the author and what are their credentials? Are they a doctor, researcher, scientist, or science communicator? Do they have a degree in the subject?

Article type: Is this article peer-reviewed? At least 2 of your sources must be peer-reviewed research articles. Use the cues we covered in class to help you.

Publication: What journal, newspaper, magazine/website was this published in? Is it peer-reviewed? Is it known to be credible?

Date: Was this published within the last 10 years?

Data: Does this article present data to back up their claims? Where did the data come from?

Corroboration: Can you find other scientists/professionals who agree. or does this go against current scientific understanding?

Funding: Does this come from a reputable agency? Was it funded by industry or a special-interest group? Is there a possible bias or conflict of interest?

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