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This homework would have a link to an article from the news that addresses (Federalists and antifederalists) concepts. Student should also spend a paragraph explaining how the article speaks to the (Federalist and antifederalist). It is ideal that the article be current (i.e., in the news of the day) but depending on news cycles, this may not be feasible. In that case, students should search for news items in the last six months or year. Students responding to posts should add something new to the discussion, not merely agree or disagree with it. Whether agreeing or not, responses should be thoughtful and add texture and nuance to the discussion, perhaps through the linking of other stories or the offering of additional or counter examples.

To be clear: it must be on Congress or relate directly to Congress. It may be a story on how Congress has changed over time, or how the House and Senate differ, or about redistricting, or term limits (which the Anti-Federalists of course discussed), or age requirements for members of Congress, etc.

Important NOTE This short 2 paragraphs essay (200 words) MUST MENTION/ Include the federalists and the antifederalist so the article cited must be related to the subject.

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