Topic 3 DQ 3.5

Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

This is a quite a question which required me to research more about the topic. Although both degrees demonstrate the nurse is a clinical expert in the field; the difference between the two is areas of education in the field (Loomis JA, Willard B, & Cohen J., 2007). A DNP is more focused on clinic practice, whereas PhD is research focused or more academic in nature (What’s the Difference Between a PhD and DNP in Nursing?, n.d.). If I had to choose between the two I would choose DNP. Personally I am a hands on person who loves patient interaction. I have zero desire to be part of education or research. As an ADN I would have the ability to advance my education to be a leader in nursing as well as have the knowledge base to treat and manage patients. I hope to advance my practice to obtain my wound care degree.

What’s the Difference Between a PhD and DNP in Nursing? (n.d.). Retrieved from

Loomis JA, Willard B, & Cohen J. (2007). Difficult professional choices: deciding between the PhD and the DNP in nursing. Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 12(1), 16p. Retrieved from…

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