social Welfare & Policy: Policy Position Paper Topic: Gun Control, social science homework help

Social Welfare & Policy: Policy Position Paper

Topic: Gun Control

For your paper, please choose from one of the following topics.(I had chosen the topic which is 7-Gun Control )

  1. Abortion
  2. LGBT Discrimination (parental rights, employment discrimination, housing discrimination, service provision discrimination, for example)
  3. Affordable Care Act
  4. Immigration Reform
  5. Welfare Reform
  6. Labor Unions
  7. Gun Control
  8. Legalization of drugs
  9. Capital Punishment and the Death Penalty
  10. End-of-Life Care (i.e., assisted suicide)

The purpose of this paper is for you to choose a topic and research both sides of the topic. You are to reasonably explain “your side” and the opposing view point. In order to do this effectively you will need to conduct some research. Part of your research should include the Social Work profession’s position on the issue.

Because the topics above are broad, you may choose to narrow the focus. For example, if you chose to write about Abortion, you could focus on Ohio’s laws.

Format of Paper:

  1. Introduction (5 points)
  2. Summary & limitations of your opponents’ position (there may be more than one opposing side) (15 points)
  3. Your understanding of the issue (summary) (5 points)
  4. Reason why your understanding is better than your opponents’ position (20 points)
  5. Recommendations for policy change (see Chapter 2, page 3 on Policy Development). Also include the NASW position. (20 points)
  6. Conclusion (5 points)
  7. APA format* (includes grammar & spelling) (20 points)
  8. Use of scholarly sources for research. Refer to CRAAP test. Should have a minimum of 5 sources (10 points).

Length guide 5-6 pages (not including Title page or Reference page)

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