Preliminary research report on Gender pay gap/ inequality


Using the template as a guide, prepare a written preliminary research report summarizing the introduction, background information and methodology sections of your proposed research topic/project, incorporating any revisions or clarifications as indicated in feedback from earlier class activities, discussions and lab exercises. Incorporate an abstract, expected project outcomes, conclusion and project timeline. Do not forget your references.

Preliminary Research Report Rubric

Research Topic :Gender Inequality & Pay Gap in the United States

Minimum 5 pages




Introduction (1-2 pages): Background and statement of research problem; explains justification for the study; explicit statement of project objectives/research questions and purpose of the study; boundaries are clearly delineated.

3.0 pts

Project Background/Information (2-3 pages): Description of project context; information sources and resources; and background literature review. [Detailed annotated bibliography will be very useful]

8.0 pts

Approach/Methodology (1-2 pages): Description of project design; sampling procedure and selection of subjects (if applicable); data collection methods, tools and techniques; any ethical considerations.

6.0 pts

References and citations are complete and consistent.

2.0 pts

General Style: Attention to overall readability (grammar, spelling, flow). Do not forget Project Title

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